So far as I know, there aren't any FM plug-ins that do this, but
bullfighter at is great
for Word files (and FM saved as .rtf).
You have to make a few adjustments, for instance if you don't end
bullet list items with periods so they're viewed as sentences, but
otherwise, it's useful. Especially useful for giving to non-writers.
;- )


On 10/24/06, Rene Stephenson <rinnie1 at> wrote:
> Hi All,
>   Does anyone know of a tool or plugin or FrameScript for FM that can  assess 
> reading level of a document? My only idea is to convert to RTF  and use 
> Word's spelling/grammar checker to get the reading ease and  grade level 
> scores. Ideally, there would be a plugin to provide this  for FM? At this 
> point, I'm not picky about whether it could   provide  Flesch Reading Ease or 
> Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level scores  or both - anything is better than nothing 
> at all. ;-)
>   For that matter, if there's not such a thing for FM, perhaps there  would 
> be something that could work with PDF files? I have "googled" on  all the 
> keywords that come to mind, without success. Surely someone on  this list is 
> in the know! :-)
>   Thanks,
>   Rene

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