At 10:27 AM 10/24/2006, Daniel Osborn wrote:
>In Framemaker, when you add more than one value to an attribute of type
>'Strings', the values have to be separated by a line break.
>When you save the file as .xml the values of the attribute are written
>into one string separated by spaces. No problem there except that when
>you open the file again in Framemaker the values are also written on one
>line separated by spaces.
>Is there any way to reintroduce the line breaks into the attribute value
>when the file is opened in Framemaker?

   The FrameMaker attribute type Strings corresponds roughly to the XML 
attribute NMTOKENS. XML, however, restricts the different tokens to name 
characters and FM does not. In particular, FM permits white space within a 
particular string and XML does not. When FM opens an XML document that has 
a DTD, it interprets spaces within the value of a NMTOKENS attribute as a 
token separator. It displays each token on a separate line in the Structure 
View and in the Attributes window and dialog box.

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