I originally posted this to the FrameMaker for OS X group, but I have now 
refined the problem description after a few hours frustrating work...

FrameMaker 7.0 for Mac, AdobePS driver 8.8.0(301), PDF PPD, Acrobat 6 Pro

Distiller settings, custom, Press default plus leave color unchanged, no image 

One Pantone spot plus grayscale, job must print as 2-color process.

Preflighting in Acrobat Pro 6 indicates the presence of phantom RGB objects on 
top edge of page. These are invisible and cannot be selected with object 
touch-up tool, but are highlighted by double-clicking in preflight window. 

If I start with a completely blank document that contains one character, 
preflighting indicates no phantom RGB objects. If I define Pantone 652 CVU as a 
spot color, set color view to show that and black, with white as cutout, and 
apply the color to the single character in the document, the PDF then indicates 
a phantom RGB object on the top page edge when preflighted in Acrobat 6 Pro and 
indicates the need for five plates.

This is crazy: what is going on? If you're out there today, Dov, I'd really 
appreciate your insight on this - or anyone else with color experience in 


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