At 15:40 -0400 25/10/06, Gillespie, Terilyn wrote:

>I recently upgraded to 7.2, running XP.  I opened a book file I had
>(originally created in FM 7.0), made some changes and then tried to save
>it but receive the message:  The document was saved to a temporary file,
>but Framemaker can't rename it to have the correct name.  The newer
>version has an odd suffix.

This came up on the group recently. It can be due to the activities of 
anti-virus software. I've experienced it on a local Mac, while the recent 
poster experienced it with server-side AV software.

Are you sure that that was the exact error message? What FrameMaker normally 
say is something like 'The document was saved, but the existing file could not 
be deleted: it it busy (and/or) has an odd suffix' (I've not got an example in 
front of me, but the essence is that the file does get saved.)

I don't think I've seen it with book files: it seems to occur most often with 
document files.

>I have not tried to change the name of the book and the suffix is .book
>Google had one item about this, where one person said it was related to
>anti-virus software (highly unlikely in my opinion) and then the
>original poster came back to say that it appeared to have something to
>do with accessing the file over his company's network.  My file is
>checked out from SourceSafe, if that has anything to do with it, but???

Despite your misgivings, I'd be inclined to investigate the AV angle first.

Two different AV packages, Symantec and Intego, have caused this on my Mac. 
Turning off background AV scanning stops it.


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