In addition to saving, you'll want to build the book to ensure that generated 
files, cross-reference, etc. are updated, because the pagination would change.

  Yes, saving the file should solve the problem. However, if saving the file 
doesn't get FM to automatically remove the excess blank pages (which I have 
seen happen from time to time), try resetting the pagination to Delete Empty 
Pages, save again, the reset to Make Page Count Even (or whatever your typical 
setting is). 

  Rene Stephenson

Fred Ridder <docudoc at> wrote:
  Are you saving the file after you change the Show/Hide settings?
FrameMaker only deletes empty pages in chapters when you save
the file, regardless of how the pages become empty (e.g. by
deleting content or hiding content).

>Subject: Conditional text page problem
>Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 09:42:27 -0400
>We are making our first venture into conditional text, with two files of
>three conditions per file. (FrameMaker 7.1 with current patches, XP
>sp2) The main problem so far is that pages from a condition of longer
>text remain as blanks when a condition with shorter content is applied.
>By our sense, the pages should be removed along with the page text when
>A is applied without requiring further finagling. 

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