Hi Dave,

If you are using unstructured FrameMaker, there is an undocumented (and 
unsupported) FrameMaker feature called point pages. Open your document and 
press Esc p z in sequence. Select the numbering style and click Freeze. Now 
add some content to one of the pages so it overflows the page and watch what 

Of course, if your document contains autonumbers, you can see why the 
feature is undocumented and unsupported. But I have developed a plugin 
called PointPages that allows you to use point pages while solving the 
autonumbering problem. If you are interested, let me know and I will send 
you the documentation. Thanks.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hi all,
> Is there a way to override the page numbering for a single page in a
> document in Frame 7.0? I'm working on a revision to a manual. In this
> revision, I need to add new information to a chapter that is 176 pages 
> long.
> The new information needs to go after page 31, which means that not only
> would this page be included in the revision, but all the subsequent pages
> would have to be added, as well, because even thought the information is 
> the
> same, the page numbers all shifted by one. I'd rather not print 146 pages
> when I only need to make one page of actual content change. So, is there a
> way to add a page and call it 31-a, without causing all the other page
> numbers to change? I tried to search the archives on the FrameUsers 
> website,
> but it appears the site is temporarily down.
> Thanks,
> dave.
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