I'm new to the list, so please excuse and correct any etiquette

I have been trying for days to figure out how to get Arabic to work in
Frame.  We have a client who "has been told" that it is possible, but
can't give any specific info.  I have found references on-line and on
this list indicating that it is possible, but again, not enough info for
me to duplicate.

I have tried changing the regional settings on my English OS. I have
tried using Frame on our Arabic OS. I have tried every way I can think
of to import text, every possible way to paste text, various fonts, etc.
The only method that results in Arabic text rather than junk characters
is RTF, but the punctuation is not oriented correctly and some of the
letters get bizarrely stretched out.  

The only way I have succeeded in getting Arabic text to display properly
in Frame is through embedded Word OLE objects or Illustrator graphics.
But neither method is very good as the text does not flow or run-around
the graphics.

I'm way frustrated and feeling very Seuss-ian: "I cannot do it in a
boat. I cannot do it with a goat. I do not mean to whinge and whine, but
why can't we use InDesign?!?"

Can any kind soul offer guidance?

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