I had a screen vs page "discussion" recently with my managers and marketing
- they were all adamant that we should use "screen" instead of "page". They
never really clarified why (although in hindsight we work with touch screens
so perhaps that's the reason), and since they were so convinced, I didn't
even bother trying to suggest otherwise. 

They also didn't like "menu page" and wanted to ditch the term "menu"
entirely, although we never resolved that. I'm not entirely sure what else
they would use in its place, though.

And we went with dialog box and nixed pop-up, window, and other variants.

Trish :)

: From: "Tammy Van Boening" <tvanboening at insureworx.com>
: Working on a design doc., some of which will translate into the User's
: guide information. My developer's are referring to everything as a
: screen. However, I am working in an HTML-rendered environment, so I
: would like to use "page", especially since (as per MS's 
: Manual of Style
: for Tech. Pubs), a "screen" is defined as the graphic portion of  a
: visual output device and this definition cross-references display and
: monitor. For the "pop-ups" that may open when a user clicks 
: on an option
: on the page, the developers are using the term window. At 
: other gigs, we
: have used dialog box, pop-up dialog box, pop-up, and pop-up window, so
: obviously, the terminology can be all over the board. Summation - I am
: wanting to use the following terms:
: Page
: Window (for the classic pop-up available on a web page)
: Tabs (available on the page) 
: Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, disagreements, comments from
: similar experiences?
: TIA,

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