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>I recently purchased Mif2Go to create html and xml files. 

Yes, thank you!

>In both formats, Mif2Go appears to be inserting hard line 
>breaks that don't exist in the original Framemaker 7.1 

No, it doesn't do that.  But without seeing a test case,
we have no idea what might be happening.  We only put in
a < br > when there really is a hard return, or when you
specify that you want to preserve line breaks with a
"PRE" element specified in [ParaStyles].  In the latter 
case, you can remove them with:


>How do I get rid of these? It's a pain to have to remove 
>them by hand. 

We've done our best to ensure that you *never* need to
post-process Mif2Go output.  If the suggestion above does
not fix the line breaks, please send us a one-page test 
case, as described in Appendix D of the User's Guide,
and we'll look into the problem promptly.

>Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

We're always glad to help.  ;-)

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