Hi, Linda:

Make it double sided with Format > Page Layout > Pagination (working 
from memory - no FM available at the moment).


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

Linda G. Gallagher wrote:
> Framers,
> Well, I'm stuck. I'm creating a new template for a project and started with
> a blank portrait file, so I could set everything up from scratch for a 6 x 9
> book. Everything is going well, except the file only came with a Right
> master page. I want to add a left one, using the name Left, so that Frame
> will recognize the alternating usage of the master pages, but it won't let
> me add a master page called Left. It keeps telling me it's a reserved name,
> which I know. I can't find a way to add the Left master page.
> I added a Left1 master page, but when I go to set up master page usage, it
> doesn't recognize Left1 has a page to use to automatically alternate with
> Right.
> Can anyone enlighten me on how to get a proper Left master page into my
> file?
> Thanks!!

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