Hi Bob:
Thanks for the suggestion. I'm actually wondering if there is a way to 
set the Frame style so that the asterisk flushes left and the text indents.


Lies, Bob wrote:
> Hi Ron,
> If WebWorks help is an HTML-based format, it probably does not honor
> multiple spaces or tabs, but reduces them down to a single space. In
> HTML, you can preserve the manual spacing by surrounding the entire
> example block with <pre> </pre> tags. 
> Otherwise, you can replace the spaces with non-breaking spaces.
> Non-breaking spaces are coded in the HTML output as &nbsp;. In Frame,
> they are entered using <control><space>.
> Hope this helps,
> Bob Lies
> Senior Technical Writer
> MTS Systems Corporation
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> Hi:
> Frame 7.1
> Webworks 2003
> WebWorks Help
> I'm in the midst of formatting some code examples originally written in 
> Word. I copy and pasted the code from Word into Frame and it looks fine 
> including indented code.
> I apply my code style, however, and indented code looks fine in Frame 
> (and the resulting PDF), but is flush left in WWP.
> I created an indented code style to apply to the indented code and this 
> works to indent the code, but it also indents the little asterisk/star 
> that identifies the row. For example, each row starts as follows:
> * blank.onBlank ()
> * Executed whenever the blank state changes.
> *     i.e. if the blank changes.
> *     i.e. if the blank changes
> [I've indented the two lines starting with i.e as an example, but I'm 
> not sure they will show up in email.]
> Since programmers need to be able to copy and paste these code examples,
> ideally, the asterisk would be flush left with only the code indented.
> Any idea how to make this happen in Frame?
> Thanks.
> Ron
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