I need to create a few random Chinese characters in an otherwise 
English document. The person I'm working with has this to say:

Frame supports all language fonts, so you'll need to install Eastern 
language support. If you're using windows, the fonts are installed 

When I go to Preferences and click Asian Language Features Information, 
I get this:

"Documents containing Asian languages can be displayed. However, most 
Asian-language features are disabled because you are not running 
FrameMaker on a compatible configuration of windows that can display 
Asian text in menus and dialog boxes. Printing may or may not work, 
depending on the printers and print drivers installed."

I'm running Windows 2000 (FrameMaker 7). I went through my Installation 
CD and don't see a way of installing/enabling Asian languages (other 
than installing Japanese FrameMaker). The Adobe website says there's a 
ReadMe on the CD. HA! Wrong.

If Frame has automatically installed Asian fonts, I don't see them.

Any help?



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