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> Hi framers
> Frame7.1p116 WinXPsp2
> How can I adjust the size of parenthese and brackets in an equation?
> A colleague asked for help in building an equation. It was fairly
> easy, but the expression had subscripted and superscripted items, as
> well as a fraction structure, so it was rather high and extended
> beyond the top of the parentheses.
> The font sizes are just right elsewhere, so I cannot change them -
> font size changes are global (right?).
> There was also an Epsilon with a bracket. There were only 2 variables in
> the bracket stacked on top of each other, and they, too, extended over the
> top of the bracket.

Hi Karen,

I tried to build an equation based on your description. 
Maybe I got the point with my third example in the file:

Be aware that there are two forms of ??:
one is the superscript, one is the exponentiation. 
They behave differently (see attached file).

It is known that the automatic formatting capabilities of FM are not 
as good as those of TEX. In your case you may have tourched this 
wound. Some people do a fine truning of the positioning at the end of 
their work, but only the most ugly things - which are not many 
even in a physics thesis.

Have a good day despite the date
Klaus Daube

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