You need to use one or more extra tabs between the last textual
building block and the <$pagenum> building block in the prototype
TOC entries. FrameMaker's tabs are absolute on a per-line basis.
The first tab symbol on a line aligns text to the first tab stop *only*.
If the tab stop is to the left of the tab symbol, everything behaves
as if the tab doesn't exist. If you have defined two tab stops in your
TOC paragraph formats, you need to have tw tab characters in the
wrapped line to get the page number to align to the 2nd tab stop,
so you must have two tab characters before the <$pagenum>
building block. If you have three tab stops per line, you'd need
three tabs before the <$pagenum>, and so on.

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>I know we've discussed this before, but I can't figure out how to search 
>archive and don't have time to look at the subjects for each month in the
>I have a TOC for a 6 x 9 book with some very long chapter titles. I'm not
>the author, so I can't just shorten the titles. I've already made the font 
>little smaller, but the really long titles just won't fit on one line.
>How can I get the titles to wrap and still have the page numbers align? My
>reference page for the problem titles looks like this (in part):
>Appendix <$chapnum>    <$paratext>     <$pagenum>  (tabs set between text 
>Chapter <$chapnum>     <$paratext> <$pagenum>
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