I just answered my own question with a test. The stylesheet DOES get 
applied, even though the XML file is still open in FrameMaker. Of course, 
the changes that the stylesheet makes are not reflected in the open 
FrameMaker document unless you first close the document and attempt to 
reopen it.

I say *attempt* to reopen it, because you may need an import stylesheet so 
that the XML file will open without errors, depending on what was done by 
the export stylesheet. So, it is possible to render an XML file that is 
currently open and being edited in FrameMaker as unopenable after it is 

Is there a setting somewhere to prevent you from saving an XML document in 
FrameMaker? For example, if you open a text file with FrameMaker, it will 
retain the .txt extension until you attempt to save the file. You will then 
get the Save As dialog box so you can save it as a FrameMaker binary (.fm) 
document. Based on the above discussion, this behavior may be desireable for 
XML files. Thanks.


> Hello All,
> Structured FrameMaker allows you to open an XML file and edit it in 
> FrameMaker, while retaining the XML extension. This leads me to the 
> question: What happens if you have your application set to use XSL on 
> export, and you save an XML file that is open with FrameMaker? It doesn't 
> seem like FrameMaker would be able to apply the stylesheet to the XML file 
> if it is open in FrameMaker. Does anyone know what happens or how this is 
> supposed to work? Thanks in advance.
> Rick Quatro
> Carmen Publishing
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> www.frameexpert.com

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