I was given the answer off-list. Somehow, my color view was changed so that 
most non-black colors were invisible. I have no idea how it happened, but it's 
fixed now.

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> Subject: My colors are gone
> I'm working in a document I just took over from a writer who 
> left. I want it to use my styles, so I imported all 
> formats--page layouts, paragraphs, characters, color 
> definitions, everything--from one of my other documents. 
> Everything seems to be working as expected, except that when 
> I apply a character style that's supposed to be red, the text 
> disappears. I assume it's getting set to white instead. When 
> I re-apply the default paragraph font, the text goes back to black.
> I've checked the character definition and it definitely says red.
> I've checked the document I copied the formats from, and it 
> works fine there.
> I've looked at the color definition for red, and it's red, all right.
> I've tried applying the color directly, not through a 
> character style. Same problem.
> I've tried using green instead of red. Same problem.
> I've saved the file as a PDF, and the text is invisible there, too.
> I've shut down and re-opened Frame, just in case.
> Why won't my colors work?
> Frame 7.0p578 on Win 2000 Pro.
> Thanks for any help you can give me.

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