Wow, thanks! Now I know that my memory is OK and it wasn't a dream. :-)


> Hi Rick,
> I've still got FM4 installation floppies hanging around. There is a 
> sample there that rotates text using PostScript text frames. Did you 
> want to rotate the cell borders as well? The sample doesn't do that, but 
> there might be enough there for you to figure it out for yourself. I'll 
> send the files to you in a separate email.
> Ian
> Rick Quatro wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I don't know if I am remembering correctly, but I seem to recall in an 
>> early version of FrameMaker, there was an example of using PostScript 
>> code to angle table cells at a non-standard angle. It was probably 
>> done with PostScript text frames. If anybody remembers any details or 
>> has any information about doing this, please let me know. Thanks.

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