> In our app, FM7.2 and Acrobat 7, we MUST DE-select the 'Do Not Send 
> Fonts' -
> otherwise, the Distiller output is squirelly (usually, missing text in 
> tables).
> Not sure if this is a factor of the Adobe fonts installed on our PCs, but 
> is what we
> have to do ...

I don't know if this helps, but each Adobe application sees the fonts 
installed in Windows, plus fonts residing in its own private fonts 
subfolder. For Frame, that folder is fminit\fonts. So if a Frame document 
uses fonts that are not installed in Windows, but reside in the fminit\fonts 
folder, Frame will use them happily. But if one then chooses the Do Not Send 
Fonts to Adobe PDF option, Distiller will be unable to find those fonts-- as 
it only sees the Windows system fonts, plus the fonts in its own private 
subfolder. You can also use Settings> Font Locations in Distiller to have it 
look for and use uninstalled fonts in other folders.

Mike Wickham

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