Hi all

Maybe my memory is failing me, but I thought that a patch in 6.0 was
supposed to solve the infamous random Windows crash and burn.... It did,
while we were in 6.0, and for quite some time since we've upgraded to
7.2 p158, but now it's back and we've made no changes to our systems.
(We're on XP Professional version 2002 SP-2)

Further, this particular episode is odd because my coworker can produce
the crash reliably in one file he's working on. When the spell-check
gets to a particular place in the file, he gets the crash. When I do the
same on my machine, I can reliably reproduce the crash at the same point
in spell-check each time too, EXCEPT that it crashes in a different
place on my machine than on his! (But for each of us, crash is at the
same point every time...)

Here's what I've tried:
1. Reboot the machine. No luck.
2. Save file as MIF, reopen in Frame. No luck.
3. Save files as TXT, reopen in Frame. No luck.
4. View MIF to see if anything stands out as odd. I have little
experience with this, but saw nothing out of the ordinary (that I know

Anyone have any recommendations for what to try next, or ideas as to
what could be causing this?

Suggestions are much appreciated at this point!

Lin Surasky
Technical Writer
Retalix USA
520-298-7757 x3109

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