Unless you are running "Bootcamp" and Windows, forget
totally about running FrameMaker on a Mactel system.
The OS for Mactel does NOT support classic mode under
which FrameMaker runs with MacOS X.

        - Dov

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> Subject: Experience Running FrameMaker on the new MacIntel
> Just checking i to see if any of you have installed 
> FrameMaker on the new MacIntel? I just picked up my first 
> MacIntel Laptop and am preparing to install Framemaker to see 
> how a brand-spanking new Mac laptop loaded with maximum RAM 
> and the latest Mac OX X release can handle Frame. But before 
> I go down this path, I thought I'd check to see if anyone 
> here has tried such an approach and if there are any 
> documented articles about this approach from tech writers?
> Thanks in advance for any feedback or advice you may have.
> Scott Abel, CEO

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