If you're supporting Java aps, compiled help may not be the way to go
because I would think you'd want to preserve the platform independence
of Java.... just a thought.

I'm generating OmniHelp from FM files using MIF2Go to support Java
aps, and the procedure is basically the same -- you can generate
mapping files as required and the coder needs to invoke either the
actual destination URL or go through the mapping table.

Directions for implementing are included in the eval package on the
www.omsys.com www site.


On 9/26/06, Caroline Tabach <Caroline at radcom.com> wrote:
>    I  have  FrameMaker
>   7.2,  ePublisherPro version 9.0 and MIf2Go
>    as well.
>    My
>  question about help is as follows,
>    I have to make CSH for a .chm  file.
>    I
>  told the programmers, "you have to do the same thing we did    with
>    winhelp with
>  the resource.h file" but the programmer said, that
>    the
>    current  application is
>  in JAVA, not in C++ that our previous
>    applications were in.
>    In  this case,
>  does anyone know what the programmers have to do
>    to
>    implement Context
>  sensitive help on an application that is
>    programmed in JAVA?
>    (I know  what I
>  have to do).
>    By the way,  the application
>  is using a chm file at the moment
>    for its help, but it is not context  sensitive.
>    Caroline  Tabach
>    MarCom RADCOM
>    caroline at radcom.com
>    < /DIV>

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