Hey Framers, 

What about InDesign on Mac? I'm planning on purchasing a new mac laptop 
and am interested in people using 
InDesign on a Mac. Are you noticing any problems?


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>Unless you are running "Bootcamp" and Windows, forget totally about 
>running FrameMaker on a Mactel system. The OS for Mactel does NOT 
>support classic mode under which FrameMaker runs with MacOS X.

I am running Frame on a MacBook Pro, using Parallels instead of Boot 
Camp.  Parallels lets me open a Windows window on the Mac, and run 
Frame in that.  I did have to cross-grade my OS 9 version of Frame to 
a windows version.

It works fairly well - the file structure is shared, and I treat 
Frame like any other application.  It's a little slow, and there are 
some cut and paste oddities between the systems, but since I needed a 
new Mac, this was about the only choice.

Until we get an OS X version of Frame, I can live with this.

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