We insert PNG files by reference as our departmental standard policy;
most of our images are set to use 96 DPI or 150 DPI, though a number
of them use other values.  For a while now I've noticed many of these
images no longer display their numerical DPI value in the DPI field
when viewing their Object Properties.  Instead, the DPI value says

My question:  what can cause this to happen, and what can we do to avoid this?

When I change the DPI value from Unknown back to the original value
everything works fine..the next time I view the Object Properties the
value I set is still there.

Another issue that's been bugging me is that while we use a 2.25 line
width when we color our anchored frame edges to create a border for
our images, many of these I've noticed are set to 3.0 width when I
check them.

My question:  is there something that can make the line width round up
to the next even number?  Or are fractional line widths unstable?
When I reset the width to 2.25 it sticks.

Any advice you can give would be appreciated.



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