I wanted to check with the newsgroup and see if anyone could assist me with a 
numbering issue that I have.  I would like to have paragraphs numbered as 

10.020 Apple
           10.020.1   l;kfjkf;jl
           10.020.2   fdjklfjklfl;fdklj;djlkklj;lk;jboaniiesuijnuifnlik
10.030  Orange 
           10.030.1   l;kfjkf;jl
           10.030.2   fdjklfjklfl;fdklj;djlkklj;lk;jboaniiesuijnuifnlik
10.045  Orange 
           10.045.1   l;kfjkf;jl
           10.045.2   fdjklfjklfl;fdklj;djlkklj;lk;jboaniiesuijnuifnlik

As you can see their are two things that I dont know how to do.

1.  Make numbers increment by variable increments
2.  Make the sub numbers ( 10.030.1 and 10.030.2) increment by one when using 
the first number as a "base or root" 10.030 and 10.045

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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