This general topic has come up on this list recently, so I though I might as 
well pose the problems I've been encountering, even though I don't think there 
is a simple solution.

Text insets of *FrameMaker* documents allow you a lot of control over how the 
tagging of the inset and the parent document interact. That is not my problem: 
I am handling a book with a very large number of plain ASCII insets, which are 
mainly program listings. The book is structured.

The problem is that although the EDD can apply a paragraph tag to a text inset 
in placed in a single element, it treats the inset effectively as a single line 
irrespective of the number of lines it actually contains. Thus, if the 
paragraph tag applied to the inset has space below paragraph set (as is 
required by the design), that spacing is applied to *every line in the inset* - 
which is definitely not what is required. What is required in this case is no 
spacing between the lines of the inset, but spacing below the last line.

Perhaps the solution is to always insert a 'padding' element after every ASCII 
inset. I have not experimented with this yet. If anyone has encountered the 
same issue and come up with a killer method for formatting plain ASCII insets, 
I'd be delighted to hear about it.

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