Do you have the "Save graphics as Frame Image" option turned on? If
so, that may explain how the file functioned without the graphics
files, but that only answers a few of your questions.

Assuming you have a high resolution pdf, you should be able to extract
and recover the missing files...


On 4/3/07, Steve Rickaby <srickaby at> wrote:
> Large book, many imported graphics, all imported by reference.
> Today FrameMaker 7.0 (Mac) reported on saving a file that graphics 
> information had been lost and asked me to report the problem to Adobe (Mac 
> FrameMaker problem - Adobe - ha-ha!). On checking the document, it turned out 
> that three [of many]  graphics imported by reference listed as 'No file' for 
> 'Referenced file' and were grayed out.
> Ok, I though - just backtrack to the previous version of the document, check 
> the files' identities, and re-import them. But although the previous version 
> showed the graphics correctly in the document, it also listed them as 'No 
> file' under 'Referenced file'.
> Puzzled, I went back to the very first [FrameMaker  6] version of the 
> respective document. That was the same: the graphics showed up correctly, but 
> also listed as 'No file'.
> But it didn't end there: on reopening the current document that had 
> originally given the graphics file save error, the problem graphics showed up 
> correctly - but still listed as 'No file'.
> PDFs, including pre-press PDFs, have been created from all of these books.
> My questions are:
> . How can FrameMaker apparently continue to work with a document with broken 
> import link(s)
> . How can it create Ps without error if one or more graphics appears to have 
> a broken import link?
> . Why did the original error appear and then disappear?
> . How could this link breakage have initially occurred?
> . Why hasn't the problem shown up before now?
> . What is it about Tuesdays? (The above is only one of many minor hassles 
> today)
> I think it was Ford Prefect who said he could never get the hang of 
> Thursdays. I fell the same way about Tuesdays.
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> Steve

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