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Over the years as our documents have evolved, and headings and subheadings have 
been fine-tuned and changed, and chapters moved around and titled re-worked as 
content changes, I've had a growing problem with my cross reference markers not 
matching the text of the actual paragraph/heading. Looking in the Framemaker 7 
Ref guide, I found this helpful statement:

"For paragraph cross references, the marker test contains a number assigned to 
the marker, and the paragraph tag and text of the paragraph being cross 
referenced. (The marker text is not updated, so the tag and text may not match 
the cross-reference.)"

Is there in fact no way to update the cross reference markers across a book, so 
that they actually reflect the text of the heading/etc. that they're attached 
to? Or is it like a unique ID (key) used to establish the relationship? I would 
have expected there to be an underlying numeric key value or something, as well 
as the text itself. Or is that not the case? I couldn't find anything on this 
in the archives, nor online


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