I am using MathType 5 to create equations (the FM equation editor is not
robust enough), saving them as *.gif files, and importing them to FM into an
anchored frame. The issue is that the text elements and sub/superscripts
look fuzzy. They look even worse after converting to Adobe PDF. 

I also tried saving the MathType file as *.eps (an archived message
indicated this was possible). FM 7.2 does not accept importing *.eps into an
anchored frame. I tried copying the equation from MathType and pasting it
into FM. It accepts the text and super/subscripts, but not the symbols. 

So, whether I use *.gif or *.eps, half the equation does not render

Understanding that equations have been a weakness of FM for several
releases, I would appreciate knowing if Adobe Support or other FM users have
found work-arounds. The forum archives do not offer much. 

For example, is there a 3rd party equation editor that is compatible with

Does Adobe have plans to support MathML?

In the meantime, the engineers I support are quite displeased with the Adobe
rendering of equations. My concern is the possibility of having to return to
Microsoft Word, which supports MathType. Thank you.


Gabrielle Burns
Lead Information Products Developer
BRO Software Applications
Breault Research Organization, Inc.
gburns at breault.com

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