A big thank the framers who responded to my equation issues of last Friday
(how to get MathType equations into FM and rendered in PDF) - in particular:
Mike Wickham, Steve Rickaby, Art Campbell, and Brad Anderson. I appreciated
all the advice (and admonishments), which helped me to understand the issues
more clearly.

Mike Wickham's suggestion below helped me to determine that the equation
files created in Math Type 5 should be saved as file type Encapsulated
Postscript/TIFF (*.eps). It's the "TIFF" that made the difference. 

This was Mike's response to me:

"When you save as EPS, look for a "preview" setting. (It might be called 
something else in MathType.) FrameMaker only displays the low-resolution 
preview that embeds in an EPS file. (It prints full resolution, of course.) 
Without it, you get a gray box. In Illustrator, for example, you'd set the 
preview to either "TIFF (8-bit color)" or "TIFF (black & white)." If it's 
set to none, you get the gray box."

When I had imported a straight *.eps file into FM, it was not showing up or
was a gray box. And this is why I mistakenly stated that FM does not support
EPS. My apologies for that erroneous statement.


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