Art Campbell wrote:

> Then, specific to .PNGs, open it an set the bit depth to 8 
> bits; if it's 24 you may have other problems.

Actually, that's a bad idea. There is remarkably little size difference
between 24-bit and 8-bit PNGs. And the latter have an annoying
disadvantage when imported into FM: they use a 256-color palette
("indexed color"), and the entire palette gets added to the FM
document's color definitions. Import several 8-bit PNGs, and your color
definitions list contains hundreds of entries like "RGB 165, 000, 102." 

I've never heard of any problems specifically associated with 24-bit
color in PNGs, and I've been using them for years. Occasionally, I've
encountered one that FM's filter can't handle, and Rick Quatro's method
of opening it in a graphics program and resaving has always fixed that. 

YMMV, of course. :-)


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