Hello all:

I am starting a new venture on Monday at a startup company that has never
had a tech writer and needs me to write all the doc from scratch.  I've been
using FrameMaker 6.0 for several years now with WebWorks Professional 2003.
My new boss (VP of Engineering) has asked me to put together a doc tools
strategy plan for design and delivery for the technical documentation.

Being a startup, my budget will be fairly low so content management systems
are not an option at this point.  I've been doing research over the past
week and it's been a daunting process.  What I'm thinking of purchasing is
FrameMaker 7.2 and using it's structured capabilities.  For HTML generation,
I'm considering WebWorks ePublisher Pro.  Is anyone using these two products
together (and if so, could you share your thoughts).  I'd also appreciate
advise on other options.

I'm thinking that I'll need training to get up and running, so if anyone can
recommend trainers in the Massachusetts/NH/RI areas that would also be

Thanks for your assistance,


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