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> Subject: Graphics and Reference Pages
> Hello, All!
> This has been my first real venture into reference pages and I have 
> managed to befuddle myself.  I am trying to connect a small graphic to a 
> particular paragraph tag. I managed to get the tagging part correct. 
> However, I want the graphic to appear directly left of the paragraph, 
> not above/below. Does anyone have an idea of how to do this? And, if so, 
> am I correct in my assumption that there are no strange caveats to using 
> structured Frame and these?
> Please reply directly, as I am on digest and won't see any answers until 
> tomorrow morning.


Frame doesn't directly support your goal via the frame above/below 
feature. However, you can get the result you want by using a borderless, 
one-row, two-cell table, with the left cell pgf-tagged with a tiny font 
(no content) and a frame below containing your icon. Put the textual 
content in the other cell.

An easier way is to get the free "reficons" plug-in by Chris 
Despopoulos, available here:


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