The exact ratio you need depends on a number of factors. Meaning, a team
is responsible for documenting APIs and none of the writers have
experience with this type of doc, it kind of doesn't matter whether you
have 1 or 5 writers.  If you have three writers and all have API
experience but none have experience working as a doc team, they may run
into coordination issues.

You might want to look at the dependency calculator at:

This will give you hours per page based on a number of factors including
writer experience and technical experience. 

Still doesn't answer your question regarding writers/engineer does it?
I've heard 1 writer to 6 engineers.  I've managed teams with a ratio of
1 to 4 when the release cycles are high and the material is highly


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I work for a semiconductor company in Silicon valley and my manager
asked me to find out the following:

"Are there are any stats regarding how many writers per engineer various
companies and industries have?"

Frankly, I don't know where to start from and would appreciate your help
with an answer.


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