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> I inherited some documentation, and I get an error message 
> "The "Frutiger-Black" Font is not available."  Does anyone 
> know where I can download that font for free or does anyone 
> know anything about that font.  I am using FM 7.2 unstructured.

The original Frutiger fonts are from Linotype. You can buy the one you
need, or a family of different weights and styles, from Linotype, Adobe,
or font resellers like Single fonts start at $24 at the

There may be free versions, but I'd advise buying from a reputable
source, especially for business use. Freebies are frequently
poor-quality ripoffs that come with ethical, aesthetic, and sometimes
technical problems. 

A Google search for "Frutiger" will point you toward lots of information
about the font and its designer. Fonts have to be designed, remember,
and the people who do that deserve to be paid. 


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