Van Boening, Tammy wrote:
> Argh, I know that this topic has been covered before, but the archives
> keep timing out on my right now and my google search has resulted in
> zilch. Isn't there a plugin available from someone/somewhere that allows
> you to adjust the sizes of dialog boxes in Framemaker? Like, right now,
> when my books are generating/updating, I cannot for the life of me see
> the whole path/file name and I need to. Also, in the PDF Setup dialog
> box, I have to scroll to see all my bookmarks, and I want to be able to
> see them all in one view so that I can make sure that I have  my
> indentation levels set up correctly before generating the .pdf.

You can use ResHacker (cautiously! backup your files before messing with 

Use it on the fmdlg.dll file in your fminit folder.

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