The mnemonic actually stands for "mathematics package",
since the feature was originally designed to package graphics
that were in-line equations. 

And it's probably worthwhile pointing out that the standard
command changes the position attribute of the anchored frame
to be "at insertion point" regardless of how you had previously
set it. This is exactly appropriate behavior when handling 
in-line equations, but it's a PITA most of the rest of the time.
There is, however, a free plug-in that changes the behavior 
of the same Escape command sequence to fit the frame to 
the graphic *without* changing the frame's position attribute. 
The author of the plug-in prefers to remain anonymous, but 
has made the DLL available from listmember Carla Martinek's 
website. Go to
for the ShrinkWrapAsIs plug-in. Works great, but if you don't 
like it (and you've got an appropriate compiler handy) you 
can use the provided source code to make your own DLL
that does *exactly* what you want.

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White, William wrote:
> Drat - What's the short cut key sequence for this on FM 7.x and Win

Esc m p  (Escape fraMe wraP)

> I'm sure I seen it recently.

I'm sure you done too ;-)

> Also, where can I find a comprehensive list of short cuts? There seem
> be a fair number missing from the Quick Reference Card. 

I'll send you a treasure trove off-list.

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