At 09:16 +0200 19/4/07, Yves Barbion wrote:

>Indeed, if a user downloads a pdf of one book, and not the other, the links
>will not work, but I guess the user will be smart enough to download the
>other guide and then use the navigational aids (TOC, IX, bookmarks, ...) of
>the other guide.

Are you sure? As long as the rule that *all* involved files are open when the 
Ps is created for the PDFs, links do seem to work. The rules seem to be that:

. *All* source files involved in linking must be open when *any* Postscript is 

. PDFs must be loaded into the same [relative] directories as the source files

. No PDFs must be renamed

I have in the past created a global directory to a set of user guides, using an 
ur-book. All the PDFs were placed on CD-ROM and the hyperlinks from the global 
directory keyed into the separate files ok.


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