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> I'm using FM 6.5, Mac, in Classic. I was printing to a Laserwriter  
> Select
> 360, through an AsanteTalk bridge, and everything looked as it should.
> I've just switched to a Lexmark E120n laser printer. Now it prints  
> Helvetica
> bold oblique and Helvetica oblique with an additional slant. (I  
> have not
> checked if this is also happening with other fonts.)
> I've reinstalled the fonts, then installed a different version (from a
> colleague) of the fonts into the System 9 Fonts folder, and  
> restarted FM,
> with no change.
> This also happened, before I switched the printers (machines), when  
> I made
> pdfs from the FM files, either using a.) Save as, then Distiller,  
> or b.)
> Print to file, then Distiller.
> It's probably something obvious, but I don't get it. Any ideas?

What font format are you using?

Does the issue also occur with other Mac OS 9 apps?

Does the issue occur with other fonts?

I always delete the TrueType Times, Helvetica, Symbol, etc., included  
with Mac OS 9 and replace with PostScript Type 1 versions.

BTW, there's a bunch of Mac FrameMaker users on the FrameMaker for  
Mac OS X discussion group at:


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