> However, QuarkXpress versions newer than 4.1 can save backwards (usually
> without significant losses). Hence, if you really think conversion to FM
> format offer sufficient value to you, then you have to face a manual process.

Each version of QuarkXPress can only save one version back, so if one only
had version 6, one can only save down to version 5. Version 7 files can save
down to version 6, but (potentially) with significant losses depending on
the features used. However, these loses will not affect the ultimate
conversion into FrameMaker, as they are mostly graphic-related.

As mentioned, Markzware does make Quark XTs that allow one to save back to
earlier versions, but this presumes one has QuarkXPress to begin with.

If I recall correctly, QuarkXPress (and PageMaker) conversion was introduced
in FrameMaker 7.1.

If the Quark document is one long text flow, it might be easier to simply
Save Text (export) as a Word or RTF file. Quark always links to graphics
(unless someone used the undesired method of copy-and-paste), so you might
want to do a Collect For Output first.

If you don't have Quark and only have a couple of files, let me know and
I'll see if I can convert it to a lower version for you (or export the

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