At 08:16 +0200 22/4/07, Rob Shell wrote:

>I am 6 months into the legendary Framemaker, I love it.

You are clearly a man of taste and fine discrimination.

>I need a better manual. Is there such an animal?



>I am setting a bibibliography with numbered items.
>I want the indexes (5, yes 5) to reflect not page numbers but the number of 
>the index entry, which I have successfully numbered. Thus a main entry looks 
>like this:
>I have tried importing the formats; I have printed out the reference pages, 
>but cannot figure out where I am going wrong.

The answer must be on the reference pages of the faulty indexes. Check that you 
have a correctly-formatted index building block in the IX flow of the index's 
reference pages that corresponds to each relevant <para>IX para tag in the body 
of the index.

(As an aside, don't forget to apply the correct para formatting to the 
SeparatorsIX and IndexIX building blocks in the IX reference flow, otherwise 
you'll end up with index entries in your chosen body font but separators and 
page numbers in FrameMaker's default font. We've all done it...)


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