Cross-references reference a file. I don't think you can link to information in 
multiple files. Therefore, you need the booktitle as a paragraph to reference 
in each chapter file.

The cross reference I used is something like the following:

<xbookxref><$paratext> in <$paratext[booktitle]><Default Para Font>

<xbookxref> was a character style I created so that you could tell if you were 
going to jump to a different PDF file (made a green link instead of blue).

Yes, it is convoluted. But once it's set up, you never have to think about it 
again. It just works, so I thought it was worth the effort.


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> You've got to be kidding me.... Well, if this is what I need to do, Okay.
> Why do you create this booktitle paragraph tag in each chapter as opposed to
> just the Front Matter, the beginning of the book? I'll be linking to
> Heading1 sections: "Heading1 of BookTitle".


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