Michael Zaichenko wrote:

> Thanks Chris,
> this seems to be a one way road: number into letter. How 
> about the other way around. I need to know what ascii or hex 
> number a certain letter is. I have a far too sophisticated 
> script that loops through characters and assigns them codes 
> and displays you a corresponding number. Is there a "natural" 
> way of getting this information?

I may be misunderstanding the question (I'm not sure what you mean by
"natural" or what your script is doing). But a character's ANSI or hex
code doesn't change, so why do you need a way to determine it
programmatically? It seems to me that your script just needs a reference
source -- a text file or whatever -- where it can look this up. You may
need to create this reference. :-)

See Character_Sets.pdf (in the OnlineManuals subdirectory of your
$FMHOME directory) for all the ANSI and hex code values for the
FrameMaker character sets. If you have the full Acrobat, you might try
saving this file as RTF. From there, judicious editing should yield a
suitable reference text file. 


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