Odd... I'm running Acrobat 5.5 and 8 on this system, as well as a
competing product, and they all seem to work perfectly well together. 

Steve Cavanaugh

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Dov has always been *very* emphatic in his warning to never have
multiple versions of any component of the Acrobat suite installed, at
least on Windows systems. I've never had reason to doubt this advice, so
I have never gone against it.

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>I've read several discussions on this list about multiple versions of 
>FM runing on the same system (it works).  Can multiple versions of 
>Acrobat also run on the same system?  I recently installed Acrobat 7 on

>my system (XP2) but did not uninstall Acrobat 5.  Acrobat 5 now 
>displays an error message and closes.
>From the messages below, it sounds like the answer is no for Distiller,

>but what about Acrobat itself?

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