That might not be just a Parallels thingy.   For the longest time I  
have had to click twice in FM 7.x on XP in dropdown lists in  
dialogs.  Once to populate the dropdown, the second time to generate  
a scroll bar.  Am I alone?  A minor aggro - but still.

will white

On Aug 7, 2007, at 10:59 AM, Pat Christenson wrote:

> I've been running Frame 7.2 under Parallels on a MacBook Pro for  
> about 6 months. I've only encountered a few gotchas. You have to  
> get used to using "Mac" keys for "Windows" shortcuts (and you can  
> avoid a lot of that if you use the Esc shortcuts which work just  
> about anywhere). There's a kind of funky thing with dropdown menus.  
> I have to click the menu twice - once to "select" it and once to  
> display the choices.

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