Whenever someone does add the templates to the repository, could that someone 
please post an ANN to the list to let us know?


Steve Rickaby <srickaby at wordmongers.demon.co.uk> wrote:  At 09:25 -0700 
7/8/07, Valerie Lipow wrote:

>If anyone has one or more templates demonstrating the type of Master
>pages/Reference pages discussed in the parent subject, if they're not
>copyrighted, and if you're authorized and willing to disseminate them to the
>group, would you please store a copy in the Framers' file archive? I would
>love to study how they're designed, and I suspect others would like to study
>them as well.

Noted.  I will diarize this action, but it might be a while, mainly due to the  
need to clean up and document the quick and dirty demos I hacked as  proof of 
concept :-(

No copyrighting is involved.


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