Hi, guys.

Paul Findon wrote:
> On 7 Aug 2007, at 18:55, Bodvar Bjorgvinsson wrote:
>> I would buy the thing off the Adobe website if they only let me -- in
>> a fair trade. I don't like being laughing stock of Adobe Finance
>> Specialists (or whatever they are) who have set up their feudal system
>> so that we, Europeans have to pay much more for the same software than
>> Americans. Why? There is no special Icelandic version. It seems we,
>> Icelanders, are supposed to buy off the Danish website where
>> everything is in Danish and everything is expensive!
> Hi Bodvar,
> I was just looking at pricing so fully sympathize.
> If I'm spending GBP, based on current exchange rates, there are 3 ways I 
> can buy FM upgrades:
> 1) U.K. ?287
> 2) U.S. ?150
> 3) Japan ?115  (English version)
> In the U.K., Adobe products are not 20% more than the U.S. Not 30%. Not 
> even 50%. But a massive 100%. That's right, twice as much!
> You can always get someone in the U.S. to buy it and post it to you. 
> Even with postage and possible import duty, you can still make massive 
> savings.

Amazon.com ships their products overseas. I do not know if they will ship
a US version of software out of the country though - might have some export
restrictions imposed by the US Dept of Commerce.


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