Yes, but....

It is possible to save a file as HTML from FM8 (or FM6 for that matter)
without a tool or saving as XML, but it's unlikely that it will meet
your needs. You can also use the free version of WebWorks that shiped
with FM6, but you might find that limiting.

If you upgrade to FM8 and go the structured route, then it is possible
to get something similar to what you get with Mif2Go without "buying"
any more tools. However, you or a coworker will need to write the XSL
transformations or other scripts to convert the XML to HTML. You'll
probably also want to add some javascript to get certain functionality.
This can be either really easy or really hard. : )


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I'm using FrameMaker 6.0p405 on a Windows XP Dell 450 workstation.

I've just been asked to supply manuals in HTML. Currently, my
is PDF.

I am seriously considering mif2go for producing the HTML.

But, before I invest the time and money, I wondering if FrameMaker 8
its XML output will give me the same result, without mif2go? 

The result being manuals that can be read by any web browser, produced 
directly from FrameMaker 8.

Thanks for your insight,


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