On Thursday, August 09, 2007 12:39 PM, Eric Dunn wrote:

| On 8/9/07, Mike Feimster <mike.feimster at acstechnologies.com> wrote:
| > Now the book is valid, even though the toc is an unstructured file.
| IMO, this is an unfortunate failing of FM or simply a missing feature.
| FM should be able to produce structured generated files. could be
| perhaps accomplished by adding element information to the reference
| page building blocks.
| It's not too difficult to do using Framescript and I have done it for
| a couple of projects in the past.

It is unfortunate that generated documents are not structured, but it is
also rather easy to use FrameMaker's conversion table feature to apply a
structure to them, as these are usually not very complicated
hierarchies, if one does not have FrameScript.

Of course, this has to be redone after generating a new/updated version
of the files (TOC, LOF, etc.) or at least, before you need a completely
valid fully structured book, which itself is an ideal task for
automating with FrameScript... :-)

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