Dear all,

   The FM 8 Welcome screen (in effect a Flash file) with the message

                   FrameMaker Complete Help    <-- this is a link

                   Get the reference guides and manuals

                   including Structured Documentation resources

   leads to a URL, which obviously is wrong, because I get the message

                   We're sorry, you are not allowed access to the service
   you requested.

                   If you feel you should have access, please contact the

                   authorities and give them your IP address:

                   Thank you for your patience.

   Since it's Flash, the browser does not diplay where the link points to
   - do You know, where this information can be found?

   FM version: 8.0p236 FM international English; purchased end of july.

   The same error occurs when using the menu item Help > Complete
   FrameMaker Help...

   Help > Support... links to which is OK.

   Klaus Daube


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   Technical documentation & consultancy; On-line and paper

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