Hi Rick...

Your plan looks good. I think that the restrictions are ..

- starts with an alpha character
- contains alphanumeric, underscore, or hyphen characters
- unlimited length (within reason)


Rick Quatro wrote:
> Hi Framers,
> I am working on programmatically setting unique id values on all of 
> the elements that require them in a DITA-based FrameMaker book. Are 
> there any restrictions or recommendations for id values in DITA? My 
> thought is to have a unique 3-character prefix for each book (i.e, 
> "abc"), then I can generate a unique number suffix. So, an id might 
> look like
> abc_562387
> or
> abc-562387
> Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you very much.
> Rick Quatro
> Carmen Publishing
> 585-659-8267
> www.frameexpert.com

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